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Version 0.1

This page shows an earlier version. It is here for historical reference.

The Forgiveness Public License version 0.1

This license may be incorporated into any agreement by simply referencing “The Forgiveness Public License” at

The value expressed in the contract is based upon the premise that humans have infinite worth. The value quantified in the contract invoking this license is free of duty, free from taxation and free from duty and free from reporting requirements. The transaction has been brought forth out of a spirit of reconciliation and is a kind of arbitration settlement – as such the nature of this value is private and not subject to public law.

Out of necessity a new form of transactional value is required since the scarcity-centric systems of money have shown a divide and conquer effect upon the human race These scarcity systems have lead to subjugation and dominion systems which no longer serve the human civilization.

We affirm that all human beings have a right to self determination. We assert that economic experimentation is necessary as a matter of survival of the human race. This license is an experiment in societal forgiveness economics. All participants understand all value is at risk to potential loss due to errors, omissions, computer glitches, lost passwords, death, government interference, etc.  Participants, holders, exchanges accept all such risk with the sole remedy being the creation of a forgiveness contract to create a financial instrument to the primary benefit of the injured party.  All participants, holders, service providers and consultants hereby agree to accept unlimited forgiveness in a public way. It is our common aim to make these as shareable, exchangeable, fungible for commerce, for any other purpose and usable somewhat as a store of value similar to Bitcoin subject to variations in market engagement.

These new ways of structuring intention in a way that provides increased harmonious benefits to all parties.

Our intentions are to be increasing the awareness, truth, peace and happiness throughout the universe with public forgiveness based solutions that create shareable tokens that commemorate the act of forgiveness.

Due to “government” interference it appears that the notion of fiduciary agency has been subverted. A confusing dilemma happens for the fiduciary who holds a client’s interests in trust when they may be subject to intense forces of coercion, threat and duress by these outside forces. Fanatics of a religion called government bearing titles such as “legislators”, “regulators”, “enforcement officers”, “inspectors” may make unsubstantiated yet seemingly un-resistible claims against a fellow holder of the coin.  In such cases any other fellow holder of the coin’s marketplace may claim standing to confront such actors in ways to:
demand clarification, 
work to prevent erosion of value of the marketplace of the coin,
evidence to their assumptions of jurisdiction.
make motions to dismiss, 
raise due process motions,
send a notary public with documents to be signed by defendants when in incarceration, 
prepare a forgiveness contract counter suit against such actors in defense of both the market and the defendant coin.