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Version 0.12

The Forgiveness Public License version 0.12 Tuesday, October 15th 2019

By Joseph William BakerSM

A project of, By Joseph William Baker

This license may be incorporated into any agreement by simply referencing “Forgiveness Public License” or simply “FPL” version 0.12 or higher at

Conflict Resolution with No Coercion, No Threats, No Punishment
This license provides methods for a growing community to value titles of ownership to good deeds such as charity, donations, forgiveness in a monetary way. One who practices the FPL might call them self a FORGIVE-IT-ALL-IST. One who believes in participating in an enlightened market where an emerging form of money represents acts of forgiveness and charity. Where conflicts are settled by the forgiveness contracts that create this money. Where a determination is made that the financial instruments which represent this money grow in value at 9.99% per week. Where those who participate in these markets disavow using government protection from and between fellow adherents of the Forgiveness Public License.

Infinite Worth of Humans
The value expressed in the contract is based upon the premise that humans have infinite worth and that acts of forgiveness have infinitely growing value and significant meaningful consequences. The value quantified in the contract invoking this license is free from taxation, free from duty and free from reporting requirements. The transaction has been brought forth out of a spirit of reconciliation and is a kind of security of an arbitration settlement of sorts, an issuance of forgiveness if you will – as such the nature of this value is private and not subject to public law. The proof of Infinite worth of the individual is that if you agree that forgiveness has any monetary value and one can forgive and infinite, ongoing amount of damage then we say a person can issue infinite value.

Forgiveness / Damage Grow at 322 x Per Year
As a group in unison, we assert that the minimum face value sale price of our instruments grow at 1.599% per day against their initial price valued in bitUSD.  BitUSD is roughly a US Dollar digital equivalent with some fluctuations chosen because it operates independent of the banks. This growth factor is an attempt to grow the value by the PHI Ratio (1.618) every lunar cycle.  We agree to not undersell the raising minimum price line established by the initial face value and the 1.599% per day growth factor. We realize that this will be a fragile and experimental market which may at times may prove to be ill-liquid.  However in unison vowing to not undersell this minimum price line should attract the attention of others to the instrument. 

Damages Grow Too
Conversely, we agree in unison that unresolved damage also grows at the PHI Ratio every lunar cycle. Thus resolving conflicts through these forgiveness contracts becomes of paramount importance in the world today.

Necessity of Financial Innovation – Survival from Infinitely Growing Damage
Out of necessity a new form of transmission of value is required since the scarcity-centric systems of money have been shown to exhibit a divide and conquer effect upon the human race. These scarcity systems have lead to subjugation and domination systems which do not serve serve the human civilization as we would like.  These scarcity based systems appear to cause unfortunate psychological effects.

In Unison We Declare Assert Self Determination, Self Defense, Private Contracts
We affirm that all human beings to be self deterministic. We assert that economic experimentation is necessary as a matter of survival of the human race. This license is an experiment in societal forgiveness economics.  The FPL is a self defense mechanism of the value of the humans relating by private contract. All participants understand all value is at risk to potential loss due to errors, omissions, computer glitches, lost passwords, death, government interference, etc.  Participants, holders, exchanges accept all such risk with the sole remedy being the creation of a forgiveness contract to create a financial instrument to the primary benefit of the injured parties. All participants, holders, service providers and consultants hereby agree to automatically accept unlimited forgiveness in a public way for any harm they may cause.  It is our common aim to make these forgiveness value instruments as shareable, exchangeable, fungible for commerce, for any other purpose and usable somewhat as a store of value similar to Bitcoin.

Network Effect
New remedy coins shall include overages of 5 plus 15 percent. The 5 percent goes towards the costs of building and maintaining the RemedyCoin system. The 15 percent goes toward the holders of “Remedy.Coin”. People who donate toward the RemedyCoin project acquire this “Remedy.Coin” token as evidence of their assistance to the project. RemedyCoin at it’s option intends to perform “Air Drops” which would proportionately distribute the 15 percent of new coins to other FPL adherents who publicly hold the “Remedy.Coin” token on the blockchain at the time of the Air Drop. Network effect occurs when there are a number of people with a stake in a particular asset increases it’s worth. This Air Drop function is agreed to be a legitimate incentive to those who have contributed to the creation and promotion and day to day needs of the RemedyCoin project.

Our intentions are to be increasing individual awareness, freedom, harmony, truth, peace and happiness throughout the universe with solutions that create shareable tokens commemorating acts of charity, public forgiveness and public works. We expect that this project will go a long, long way toward eliminating debt and eliminating domination behaviors in the world.

Will Not Use Government Against Fellow FPL Adherents
We are persuaded that there is infinite value in forgiveness available to resolve all disputes. We disavow and guarantee not to use government force to handle disputes between fellow adherents of the FPL.

Banks Forgiving Loans
Yes, banks can get in on forgiveness money by forgiving loans. Although since modern day banking and governments use the arts of subterfuge it is more likely that people will propose forgiveness contracts to the governments and banks.

We Are Not Owned
We affirm in unison that we are not aware of any valid ownership of ourselves by others.  We understand ourselves to have free agency over our own lives. 

Re-establishing the Minimum Growth Price Line
In the case of selling short of the minimum priceline the seller agrees to be responsible for the damage caused to all of the holders of the instrument.  This means that the seller agrees automatically to be forgiven using a new remedycoin style forgiveness instrument. That value is then added to the basis of the instrument to re-establish the minimum priceline price.

In case of further need to re-establish the growing minimum priceline, a number of coins may be frozen into an un-spendable state by a holder for six months which equals the value of the dip below the line.  We establish that the underlying asset has grown in such a way that the release of the coins at the end of the six month freeze will have no impact on the price.

Gifting Homes
A home donated to a family would be considered a charitable gift if the family has no responsibility to pay the money back. In this way the donor would be entitled to create a RemedyCoin type asset which commemorates the good deed of freely giving the house to the family.

When raising funds, a portion of the infinite worth of the individual is being flowed by intention into the financial instrument to create some measure of value suitable to the purpose of the instrument. A named token is created to which this value is bound such as “Remedy.Star”. Units of this coin are like rare gems, structure of intent touched by the life force energy toward the instrument’s purpose crafted for the individual. Holders of this coin may consider the coin a receipt of having gifted toward the purpose of the financial instrument. We hope that continued demand will provide liquidity for those wishing to further trade these tokens, but this cannot be guaranteed. It is hoped that others will appreciate this aim and that future market demand will seek worthy causes to store value within. Promoting the slogan “Accumulate wealth by rewarding good deeds” is how we envision this sort of mechanism becoming an alternative money. We feel these financial instruments allow people to become a part of something good, something with a story that shows the indomitable spirit of the human race.  

Successful Therapeutic Treatments – Gratitude Instruments
In cases where a therapist provides relief from pain, suffering and diminished capacity the recipient may designate a special extraordinary value also composed of gratitude to express what this gift of therapy means to be received. In this case the therapist is drawing from infinite personal worth and together they commemorate the act by creating a financial instrument to the primary benefit of the therapist. Now by bringing this instrument to market others may encourage more good works by enabling the therapist to perform more good deeds.  This is also a forgiveness sort of instrument because the therapist is forgiving the patient from having to pay anything except providing acknowledgement and valuation of the gift.

Conflict Resolution
A market of people who adhere to these principles within the FPL create an irresistible incentive to propose a forgiveness contract offer. A presentment is made outlining the damages and offer of forgiveness. A reference is included to the terms of this FPL. Deadlines are stated, notices 1st, 2nd are sent. Notice of default and opportunity to cure and then final notice of self executed judgement is sent. Evidence of dishonor by non-response engages the self executing terms of the presentment which secures tascit agreement of the other party. The presentment should describe the name of the digital tokens being imbued with the commemorative value of the forgiveness.

Cross Trading of FPL Assets
We encourage those holding Remedy type coins to cross trade with other Remedy type coins on visible markets to demonstrate vibrancy, strength, cross-endorsement and resilience of our network of assets.

Periodic Notifications and Changes to this Agreement
You agree to keep your email address current and registered with the announcement mailing list at along with your username and the names of the assets you wish to participate with (or simply enter “ALL”).  From time to time vital information may need to be communicated to which you may have the right to veto certain changes this license, or veto changes to how day to day minimum prices are calculated. For instance, we envision a day when the bitUSD may need to be replaced by another asset for calculating our 1.599% per day growth of the minimum price line.   15 day advance notice is agreed to be sufficient notice. has a voting mechanism where a veto may be registered to a proposal.

Expectation of a New Norm
The ethic put forward in the FPL is that by creating a series of digital ownership / title tokens which represent good deeds. We are creating a new and superior kind of money which has intrinsic worth. We use this private contract and license to achieve a unified valuation of an instrument’s growth of it’s minimum sale price. In this way we extinguish undesirable and unethical institutions and patterns of behavior in the world. We are bringing forth a system of remedy in situations where there was none before.  In a sense we are birthing a new monetary system from the last remnants of the old system. We expect to monetize so much value in the world that the old monetary system will be superseded.

Co-Defenders of Our Collective Asset’s Worth
Due to “government” interference it appears that the notion of fiduciary agency by banks has been subverted. A confusing dilemma happens for the fiduciary agent who holds a client’s interests in trust when they may be subject to intense forces of coercion, threat and duress by these outside forces. Outside forces might be fanatics of the most dangerous religion called “government” bearing titles such as “legislators”, “regulators”, “enforcement officers”, “inspectors”.  These fanatics may make unsubstantiated yet seemingly un-resistible claims against a fellow holder of an FPL protected asset or his fiduciary agents. In such cases any other party with an interest in protecting the value of the FPL protected assets may assume to claim standing without objection to confront the government fanatics in ways to:

  • demand clarification
  • work to prevent erosion of the value of the FPL protected asset
  • make demands of evidence to support their claims of jurisdiction
  • make motions to dismiss
  • raise due process related motions
  • send a notary public with documents to be signed by defendants when in incarceration (you agree in advance to receive such visits should you find yourself incarcerated)
  • prepare a forgiveness contract counter suit against such actors in defense of both the defendant and the affected markets

This license was written by Joseph William Baker and may be copied and modified so long as attribution is given to Joseph and the FPL project.